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Test Island Bornholm

For more than ten years Bornholm has been an effective and international venue for development, test and demonstration of new and green solutions. In the ten years we've gained a lot of experience and knowledge, establishing a lot of network and cooperations.

The estimated value of all the projects is 100 mio. euro. As a modern multi-utility focusing on intelligent and green conversion of our society, we attract and inspire others to come a work with us.

Bornholm is a 2019-winner of the European Commissions Responsible Island Prize for sustainable energy development  - being the most ambitious island i Europe. 



Projects running     


Projects done     



More than 18.000 af the islands 24.000 households is heated through district heating - produced 100 procent by biomass.

100 %

Sun, wind and biomass accounts for close to 100 percent of our production of electricity. 



citizens form a whole and fully functional society making real life testing possible.

Bornholm have only one power chord connecting us to the rest of the world. We can isolate our power supply from other power sources optimizing our data base. Being surrounded by water we can control our data and can make them count.

Bornholm equals approximately 1 percent of Danmark og 0,2 percent of Europe.

We are receiving wide political and popular support in our ambition being a frontrunner. For instance: we recruited more than 2.000 consumers for one of our smartgrid projects.

Bornholm is one of the best places in the world for testing new renewable-energy technologies. For this reason, Danish universities and companies, and multinational giants like Danfoss, Siemens and IBM are intensely interested in using Bornholm as a test island.



Projects running     


Projects done     


Come and join us
More information: Jeppe Eimose Waagstein, head of departement. Call +45 5160 5817. Write: jw@beof.dk


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